Why are the gloves of UNIGLOVES better?
UNIGLOVES for over 25 years, a premium manufacturer of disposable products with a focus on gloves. We buy our gloves not from any producer, who just makes a good price and then the next manufacturer, which is even cheaper. We rely on consistent quality that we have in our own hands. This means for our retail partners and users always to get consistent quality.
We only produce in Malaysia because there exist reasonable standards for the employment of staff and high environmental standards. Our production staff have an average of more than 10 years of service. Our plant manager bears the responsibility for over 25 years. You can feel it in each glove.
We are very close to the customer with sales companies in North and South America, UK, Asia and Central Europe. Our own sales tells the production what the customer requires and we doublecheck that these customer requirements are implemented. And you, our customers give us every day accurate feedback which keeps this process up to date.
Our passion is to give our users to "safety meets quality".
Products, we are not satisfied of, will be not produced and sold by us. In this case we would rather waive the business!
UNIGLOVES, your distribution partner
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