Gloves manufactured with utmost precision craftsmanship
Today, it is more important than ever to protect yourself and others by using disposable gloves.
UNIGLOVES Premium Products - Our promise to all who want to deliver quality with their hands.

No tool, no machine and no robot of the world are able to reach the degree of precision of a human hand. Enormous sense of touch, control of complex processes, difficile pressure distribution, high sensitivity to temperature and integrated self-healing process. These are only some of the features which you would never find together in one machine description.
Your hands enable you to do your work and, after all, you can tell your customers and patients:
„What i make is handmade!“

Hence, it is our priority at UNIGLOVES that you can use your hands with disposable gloves as if you would not wear them.
The cost pressure in all industries leads to a situation where disposable gloves are almost exclusively produced mechanically. This has a massive impact on the properties of the gloves. At UNIGLOVES it is different: UNIGLOVES is the world's leading manufacturer of disposable gloves which are produced with an extremely high manual effort.
For the merely mechanical process not even one tenth of the staff is needed that we employ for the production of our handmade UNIGLOVES Premium Gloves. We have been producing these gloves with passion and a great deal of experience for more than 30 years.
Double-sided, manual chlorination and subsequent multiple washings do not only reduce, down to values no longer measurable, the protein content which is mainly responsible for allergies. The gloves having undergone this sophisticated finishing, also guarantee a superior sense of touch and safe handling of instruments. It is much easier to glove them up and they promise a clearly higher level of wearer comfort, even during time-consuming applications.
To us, this is a worthwhile expense since this is the only way for us to truly say: „What we make is handmade!“
Our Premium Products:
UNIGLOVES Comfort and Comfort 300
UNIGLOVES Select Plus and Select Blue
UNIGLOVES Select Black and Select Black 300
UNIGLOVES Soft Nitrile Blue 80X0-374
UNIGLOVES Soft Nitrile White 70x0-W
UNIGLOVES Format and Format Blue

Test these gloves and you will love them as many thousand of our customers. Request your sample!