Manual precision

Unigloves Premium Products are our promise to all who want to deliver quality through their craft.

No tool, machine or robot in the world can match the precision of the human hand. Enormous dexterity, control of complex processes, difficult pressure distribution – just three of the many attributes that make your craftsmanship unique. At UNIGLOVES, it is important to us that you can use your hands as if you were not wearing anything, despite the use of disposable gloves.


Concerns over costs in all industries often leads to machine production of disposable gloves. This has a massive impact on the properties of the product. We do not want to compromise on quality: UNIGLOVES is the world’s leading manufacturer of disposable gloves made by hand. For over 30 years, these have been produced by our employees with passion and experience.

Two-sided chlorination followed by washing allows the protein content to be reduced to an unmeasurable level. This significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions. In addition, this elaborate refinement enables a realistic sense of touch and the associated flawless handling of the instruments. Even when worn for long periods, our gloves guarantee a pleasant wearing comfort.

Thus you will find in us a reliable trading partner who will optimally support you in the performance of your activities!