Tray Filter Paper – Different Colours

Sterilizable up to 134°C (steam), gas (ethylene dioxide) and gamma rays.

Colour Size Art. Nr.
green 18 x 28 cm 5310
green 28 x 36 cm 5320
white 18 x 28 cm 5181
white 28 x 36 cm 5185
blue 18 x 28 cm 5530
blue 28 x 36 cm 5540
yellow 18 x 28 cm 5680
yellow 28 x 36 cm 5690
pink 18 x 28 cm 5750
orange 18 x 28 cm 5870
violett 18 x 28 cm 5920
cedro 18 x 28 cm 5950

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Unigloves Tray Filter Paper – Perfect Hygiene  for dental use

For all dentists who appreciate safe and hygienic conditions in their  work area, Unigloves tray filter paper is an indispensable product. The filter paper has been specially developed for dental needs.

The Unigloves Tray Filter Paper is made from high-quality cellulose and is characterized by its particularly high absorbency. It is  perfectly suited for absorbing liquids such as saliva or blood, thereby  prevents liquids from seeping onto the work surface. This keeps the work area hygienic and clean.

Convince yourself of the quality of the  Unigloves tray filter paper.

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Size Dental